OpenSwitch IX aims to ensure its members reliable and uninterrupted Service as well as to limit the risks of deliberate or accidental mistakes, that might degrade/damage our infrastructure or service of our members. All members should follow the rules listed below:

  •  Private AS numbers must not be used.
  •  ARP proxy must be disabled.
  •  Internal L2/L3 protocols must be disabled DHCP, CDP, MOP, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, (R)STP, VTP, any kind of L2 keep alive.
  • A members must not point default route at any other member.
  • A member may in no way interfere with traffic to/from any other member.
  • On the Peering VLAN, only ethertypes 0x0800 (IPv4), 0x08dd (IPv6) and 0x0806 (ARP) are permitted.
  •  A member should not advertise our internet exchange address space to any other network.

Requirements for peering:

  • You must own a public ASN and a minimum /48 ipv6 pool.
  • You are willing to peer with other members directly with other members or over Route Server.
  • OpenSwitch IX does not provide transit for your ipv6 network. However, some peers might be interested in providing you transit over the ixp port.
  • You abide by the rules listed above.