Who are we?

OpenSwitch IX is a virtual Internet Exchange Point (soon to have physical PoP in US) run by a group of networking enthusiasts. OpenSwitch IX simulates a real Internet Exchange Point using tunnels and virtulized switches. Anyone owning public internet resources can peer. At the moment we are only an ipv6 peering point. If you are a HAM radio operator then you get ipv4 access (subject to license verification). Our primary aim is research and education. OpenSwitch IX does not guarantee reduction in latency as in the case of internet exchanges. Virtual IXs are common in EU and NA region. OpenSwitch IX is built primarily for South East Asia however, peers all around the world are welcome equally.

At the moment we are present at 2 Indian Locations:
1. Kolkata.
2. Pune.

We offer the following tunnels to peer:
1. VxLAN.
2. Zerotier.
3. GREtap.
However, other tunnel methods may be accepted on a case to case basis.

The team:
Kalpak Mukhopadhyay – Maintains Kolkata v-switch.
Vineeth Penugonda – Maintains Pune v-switch.

How much does it Cost?
No fees is charged for peering. However, we are open to donations to keep the infrastructure afloat.

Ham Radio operators in APAC region can get /30 to /29 tunnel services for their ham related projects that require public ip like echolink nodes/ repeaters, etc.

Special thanks to Dipan Roy and Nato Internet Services.